Crime in America 2016: Top 10 Safest Cities Over 200,000

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The top three safest cities in the United States remained the same this year, with Irvine, California taking the number one spot, Gilbert, Arizona second on the list, and Fremont, California rounding out the top three. The top 10 also featured two cities that were not included on last year’s list–Irving, Texas and Chula Vista, California, at number #9 and #10, respectively. All statistics are based on 2014 data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. Look at the slideshow below to see the Top 10 Safest Cities over 200,000 people in the United States, and click here to see full Crime in America 2016 coverage.

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Irvine, CA: Top 10 Safest Cities Over 200,000 in 2016

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Irvine, California, has maintained its position as the safest city in America for a third year running. Irvine is located in Orange County, California, south of Los Angeles. In 2014, Irvine experienced only one more violent crime than in 2013, leading to a very minimal three percent increase in its overall violent crime rate. However, Irvine saw no murders in 2014. Remarkably, Irvine’s police force is relatively small, with one officer for every 1,215 people. However, Irvine manages to keep an incredibly low violent crime rate, with almost half the rate of the next city on the list.

Violent Crime Rate: 49/100,000
Murder Rate: 0/100,000
Population: 242,971
Officer to Population Ratio: 1:1215
Rank Last Year: #1

Research and analysis by Law Street’s Crime in America Team: Kevin Rizzo, Alexis Evans, and Anneliese Mahoney.

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FBI: Violent crime, population, murder, and officer statistics, measured January – December 2014.

*Irvine, California uses the FBI’s legacy definition for reporting rape. For more information, click here.

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