7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Law Degrees

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While law degrees are usually associated with stern, hardworking, white-collar professionals, there are other J.D. holding candidates who portray a different image. In fact many of us look up to these people without even knowing it, as they resemble some of today’s hottest celebrities and athletes.

Check out the slideshow below to learn which of your favorite celebs happen to hold law degrees.

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Armin van Buuren


Law School Attended: Leiden University
Graduated: 2003

If you’ve ever listened to the music genre EDM, you know the name Armin van Buuren; however, electronic fans would be surprised to learn that the Dutch DJ, radio host, and music producer also happens to have an accredited law degree.

Not only does this worldwide celebrity’s career span a staggering 15 years, but his singles have topped DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll on five different occasions. Van Buuren has also performed at every major music festival including EDC, Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrow World, and Tomorrow Land, just to name a few.

But in the early days, van Buuren attended Leiden University in the Netherlands and studied law. After three sporadic years, he finally completed his J.D. in 2003.

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