RantCrush Top 5: September 8, 2016

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Welcome to RantCrush Top 5, where we take you through today’s top five controversial stories in the world of law and policy. Who’s ranting and raving right now? Check it out below:

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Gary Johnson Gets a Little Confused

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President, went on MSNBC this morning. He was asked about a number of topics, including foreign affairs. One question posed to Johnson was “What would you do if you were elected, about Aleppo?” Johnson seemed confused and asked for the question to be repeated, and then asked “What is Aleppo?” The overall exchange was super uncomfortable, and people are now saying that if he can’t follow a simple question on relevant foreign policy topics, he’s not qualified to be president. Here’s the exchange so you can see it for yourself:

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