RantCrush Top 5: September 7, 2016

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It’s Not My Fault The Senate Is F***ed Up!

After returning from some undeserved vacation, the U.S. Senate continues to display how ineffective it can be. Rather than work together, both parties are attempting to wedge partisan politics into a simple measure to combat Zika. The virus has now affected nearly 14,000 people in U.S. territories and those numbers will continue to rise. Republicans and Democrats have stalled measures to combat its spread with issues around Planned Parenthood, an age-old matter of debate. In the latest round Republicans felt it was necessary to add a provision that would prevent Puerto Rican Planned Parenthoods from receiving funding.


This is a very, very stupid idea given that the virus can be sexually transmitted and Puerto Rico has been hard hit.

Still, Republican leaders insist they are not to blame and Paul Ryan says he will work to include Zika funding in a budget deal that must be passed to avoid a government shutdown.

Oh, god, why? Why did we ever let the Republicans decide it was okay to shutdown the federal government?

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