RantCrush Top 5: September 27, 2016

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Taxes and “Smart” Business

The economic portions of the debate last night drew some very interesting comments from Republican hopeful Donald Trump. Secretary Clinton, speculating why Trump would not release his tax returns, made the case that Trump has likely not paid any federal income tax, to which Trump responded by quipping, “that makes me smart.” While not quite an admission of guilt, it is easy to see how Democrats would find this line extremely telling. In a society that blames those on welfare as mooches and with opponents who claim the wealthy need to have lower taxes, it becomes a full blown hypocritical scandal if in truth, the wealthy pay no taxes at all.


In a move that enraged people even more, Trump then went on to argue that his profits after the recent housing crisis made him a good businessman, despite the fact that the crisis had been harmful to many Americans.

This debate, no matter how you view its outcome, has put a lot of people into a mood like this…


Check out some of the testiest moments of the debate here.

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