RantCrush Top 5: August 11, 2016

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Welcome to RantCrush Top 5, where we take you through today’s top five controversial stories in the world of law and policy. Who’s ranting and raving right now? Check it out below:

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Why are we still hearing from Martin Shkreli?

Just in case you didn’t have enough outrageous news in your life, Martin Shkreli is back to further prove why we will never take him seriously.

Shkreli just “diagnosed” Hillary Clinton with Parkinson’s Disease. The ex-pharma executive took to Twitter to back up his claims with a series of compelling Tweets and even Periscope for a Q&A, as all learned folk do.

“…simply killing the game.” Who says that?! Apparently a full-time troll, part-time asshole with wayyyyy too much time on his hands.

Hey Shkreli, I have a diagnosis for ya! It’s called foot-in-mouth.


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