Top 10 Halloween Costumes for People Obsessed with the Presidential Election

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If you haven't gotten your Halloween costume together yet and you're not interested in blending in with a sea of people dressed as "Suicide Squad's" Harley Quinn or Pennywise-inspired killer clowns, don't worry, we're here to help. We've gotten enough inspiration from this presidential election circus cycle to get your DIY creative juices flowing. Here are the top ten Halloween costumes for the presidential election-obsessed!

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2. Bad Hombre

Yin, meet yang. If you want to continue the “Trump’s third debate blunders” theme, join a “nasty woman” for a couple’s costume dressed as a “bad hombre.” Try to stay away from the stereotypical sombrero and ‘stache, and complete this pairing with a “bad hombre” tee and spray-on hideous highlights.

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