President Obama Launches Into Twitter Rant Over Syrian Refugees

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The fallout from the Paris attacks is continuing to stir up some pretty strong opinions from both liberals and conservatives over the Syrian migrant crisis as it relates to U.S. borders. Even as President Obama has already committed to take in 10,000 refugees, more than half of state governors are reportedly opposed to allowing Syrian refugees to enter their states.

There’s only one problem–it’s not up to them.

The U.S stance on immigration ultimately falls to the federal government to regulate, therefore regardless of whether or not your state’s governor opposes it, they have no say over allowing or barring them. They can, however, make the process more difficult.

As a result President Obama launched into a long-winded Twitter rant Wednesday afternoon to remind the American public (and maybe a few elected officials) why the U.S. has morally decided to provide refuge to Syrian evacuees.

And he’s not the only one arguing today in support of the Syrian Refugees. Google used a clever fortunetelling search engine to draw attention to the issue, by forcing users to “take a moment to think of [the refugees’] future.”

While the current administration has made its stance on immigration pretty clear, the polarizing topic will most likely continue to dominant the rhetoric of current candidates seeking the prestigious office.

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