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Law Street’s top stories last week included more news on Planned Parenthood and ISIS, as well as some bizarre custody drama involving a former TV talk show host. The number one story looked at a hilarious open letter to ISIS written by an Irish comedian, that quickly went viral on social media. The number two story revealed that a judge denied Sherri Shepherd’s request to cut legal ties with a baby she and her now ex-husband had via surrogacy. The last top story discussed how politicians are ultimately the ones to blame for the hateful Planned Parenthood rhetoric we see today. ICYMI check out these top stories below.

#1: Finchie Cova: Irish Comedian Pens Hilarious Open Letter to ISIS

A 21-year-old Irish comedian has skyrocketed to internet fame after posting a hilarious long-winded open letter to ISIS that has gone viral. Finchie Cova penned the 800+ word letter on his Facebook after the terrorist organization announced last week that it plans to attack Ireland, labeling it “Europe’s weakest link.” Read the full story here.

#2: Sorry Sherri Shepherd, But You Can’t Renege Your Baby’s Surrogacy

A Pennsylvania appeals court has found television personality Sherri Shepherd legally responsible for a child born to a surrogate that she and her ex-husband hired before they divorced. According to USA Today, the former actress must now continue to pay $4,100 a month in child support to her ex-husband Lamar Sally for little Lamar Jr. Read the full story here.

#3: Politicians To Blame For Hateful Planned Parenthood Rhetoric

“No more baby parts.” That is what Robert Lewis Dear, the gunman who killed three people and injured several more at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, allegedly told authorities following his arrest. We can assume that the shooter was referring to the smear campaign of videos released earlier this year by the Center for Medical Progress. These videos have been analyzed multiple times and have been proven to be doctored, falsely claiming that Planned Parenthood sells parts from aborted fetuses for profit. Planned Parenthood does not sell baby parts. So why did Dear say “no more baby parts”? Read the full story here.

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