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Law Street’s top stories last week included a call to action when it comes to combatting the ISIS terror attacks, a look at the U.S. strategy to fight ISIS, and a homage to Bobby Jindal’s short and ineffectual presidential campaign. ICYMI, check out the best of the week from Law Street.

#1 By Reacting to Fear, We Let ISIS Win

Here we are, in the aftermath of a global tragedy, letting fear divide us. This statement could apply to any number of historical events in the history of the United States, going back as far as World War II and the internment of thousands of Japanese-American people.

It is not the mid-1900s, but yet again we find ourselves the victims of fear. Rather than fighting the source of our terror, we are fighting each other. Rather than helping the helpless, we are scapegoating them, judging them based on their appearance, their homeland, and their religion. For that reason, ISIS has already succeeded in a country it has yet to directly attack. Read the full story here.

#2 What is the U.S. Strategy to Fight ISIS?

In light of the recent tragedy in Paris, the fight against ISIS is likely to retake the spotlight. In a press conference on Monday, President Obama was forced to defend his current strategy for the Middle East, as his opponents argue that the United States needs to take a stronger approach to prevent future terrorist attacks on the western world. Read the full story here.

#3 The Top 7 Moments of Bobby Jindal’s (Brief) Campaign

Bobby Jindal announced on Tuesday that he is suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, leading many Americans to ask, “who?” The Louisiana governor had a tough time breaking into the crowded Republican field and on Tuesday remarked, “this is not my time.” He will be missed by about 0.4 percent of likely Republican voters. In remembrance of this fallen candidate, here are the top seven moments of Bobby Jindal’s campaign (10 moments are reserved for candidates who poll over 1 percent). Read the full story here.



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