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ICYMI, check out the Best of the Week from Law Street, including an obnoxious, offensive internet trend, developments in Tracy Morgan’s Walmart lawsuit, and the appearance of a new Pacific island.

#1 FHRITP: Will the Offensive Internet Trend Ever Die?

One of the perils of doing a live news broadcast is that something could go horribly, horribly wrong. In fact, there are entire corners of the internet developed to chronicling the weird things that happen on news broadcasts–particularly smaller stations with fewer resources and less security. Read the full article.

#2 Tracy Morgan’s Lawsuit Against Walmart in Fatal Crash is Finally Settled

Last June comedian and actor Tracy Morgan’s limo bus was involved in a crash with a Walmart tractor trailer truck. The crash killed Morgan’s friend and mentor, comedian James McNair, who was also riding in the vehicle. The accident also left Morgan seriously injured, and two of the other passengers, Ardley Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea, critically hurt as well. Given the nature of the crash, Morgan, Fuqua, and Millea filed a lawsuit against Walmart, and it was just recently announced that that suit has been settled with the three plaintiffs. Read the full article.

#3 A New, Beautiful Island Has Formed in the Pacific

Legendary author James Michener’s eloquent words describe the formation of the islands of Hawaii–the powerful volcanic activity that over the course of millions of years sent a column of rock from the seabed to the open air. Now, off the coast of Japan, it occurs once more. Read the full article.

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