Belgians Respond to Terror Lockdown By Flooding Twitter With Cat Photos

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The hunt intensified in Brussels Sunday as Belgium underwent the country’s highest level of terror alert. Authorities investigated an unspecified “serious and imminent threat” that many believe was in connection with ISIS and the alleged gunmen involved in the Paris attacks.

Steven Vandeput, Belgium’s minister of defense, and police in Brussels asked residents to refrain from posting any information on social media that would expose police whereabouts and activities during the raids for security purposes.

However, in the midst of an intense lockdown, Belgians had the purr-fect response–cat photos.

Instead of going completely silent, Belgians used humor to defuse the situation by flooding Twitter with a stream of hilarious cat photos using #Brusselslockdown. The tweets showcased memes and gifs portraying trapped Belgians, the police, and suspected terrorists all as cats, and we’ve gathered some of the best below.

On Monday, Belgium’s police tweeted out a big bowl of cat food “for the cats who helped us yesterday” to show their gratitude for the trending hashtag.

But the search is not over. Brussels’ schools, universities, and subway system remain closed Monday as authorities continue to search for individuals suspected of planning Paris-like attacks on the city.

Let’s hope the kitties scared all the bad guys away.

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