#FreeMelania: Why Does the Internet Think Melania is a Hostage?

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Twitter is convinced that our new First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, is being held hostage. While the theory sounds quite far-fetched, it’s not without some evidence, prompting the viral hashtag #FreeMelania.

In a clip from the inauguration, Melania is seen smiling at her husband, President Donald Trump, but the second he turns back around her smile is gone.

Here’s a closer look:

Twitter users were quick to speculate on whether or not the first lady was acting on her own free will, and here’s their evidence:

Exhibit A:

Her husband didn’t escort her to meet the Obamas.

Exhibit B:

There’s something suspicious about that Tiffany box.

Exhibit C:

The Trumps’ physical affection is lacking.

Exhibit D: 

She kinda looks miserable.

While the Trumps’ lifestyle differs greatly from the average American couple, let’s be real: Melania probably isn’t being held hostage by her husband. In fact, the first lady has condemned her online critics in the past and has pledged to combat cyberbullying during her husband’s term in office.

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