Mila Kunis Sued Over 25-Year-Old Ukrainian Chicken Theft

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Many people would recognize actress Mila Kunis who is probably best known for her role as Jackie on “That ’70s Show.” She’s now engaged to Ashton Kutcher, and has appeared in a number of movies including the critically acclaimed “Black Swan,” and she voices Meg Griffith on “Family Guy.” Kunis grew up in the Ukraine, and was friends with a girl named Khristina Karo, now a “singer.” When they were seven years old, Kunis allegedly stole a chicken from the Karo family chicken farm. Now Karo is suing Kunis under claims of emotional distress that arose out of the chicken theft.

Karo apparently had one favorite chicken misleadingly named “Doggie.” Kunis also loved to play with Doggie, and when the actress was over one time, Doggie mysteriously went missing. According to Karo, the nefarious 7-year-old Kunis owned up to the chicken theft, saying to her friend, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”

Karo claims that sought therapyafter this betrayal. When she moved to Los Angeles, the memories of her supposed friend’s theft came back to her, and she entered therapy once again. She claims that this emotional distress is preventing her from pursuing her dream of being a successful singer in the United States. She’s now suing Kunis for $5,000, which seems to be a pretty low request given that Kunis has an estimated net worth of $30 million, and her fiancé has a net worth of over $140 million.

The lowball request would seem to indicate that either Karo is sincere–which is unlikely, but possible–or that she’s doing this for the attention. Given her hopes of becoming a singer, this news pretty much screams publicity stunt.

If you’re interested in Karo’s music, check out her newest song, “Give Me Green Card,” below.

It also contains the immortal line, “Mr. Immigration Officer it is Kristina Karo with a K. A K, K. You know, like Kim Kardashian, only with talent.”

Karo’s publicity stunt does seem to be working, at least to some extent. Her YouTube clip of “Give me Green Card” had almost half a million views when I watched it. I can almost guarantee you that it wouldn’t have nearly that many had news outlets not picked up the story of her lawsuit against Kunis.

It’s pretty doubtful that this lawsuit will actually go anywhere, but Karo certainly seems to have gotten what she is looking for–“Give me Green Card” is sure to get really annoyingly stuck in all of our heads.


Anneliese Mahoney
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