Judge Grants Amber Heard’s Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp

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Actress Amber Heard has filed for divorce from her husband Johnny Depp, and on Friday a judge granted her a temporary restraining order. Heard claims that Depp has been abusive to her at least three times over the last six months, and presented a photo of her bruised face after an alleged altercation with Depp on May 21.

Heard has said that Depp threw an iPhone in her face, causing the bruise. She also claims that he broke things in their apartment, verbally accosted her, and pulled her hair.

Heard stated:

During the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me. Johnny has had a long-held and widely-acknowledged public and private history of drug and alcohol abuse…He has a short fuse.
However, Depp has claimed that Heard isn’t telling the truth about abuse, but rather wants to gain public sympathy and a leg up going into the divorce proceedings. However, the restraining order shouldn’t really affect the divorce–California has no fault divorces. Troy Slatten told E! News what no fault means:
…it doesn’t matter if someone cheats, or if someone is alleged to be violent. In California, if you want a divorce, you get a divorce. You don’t have to prove that one side was bad or that somebody did something wrong.
Since the news broke, there has been an outpouring of support for Heard. Many have taken to Twitter to call out the media’s hypocrisy in how Heard’s allegations have been covered.

Anneliese Mahoney
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