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The Dumbest Laws of the United States: Alaska and Hawaii

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The last two additions to the family of United States could not be any more different in some ways, for example their opposing climates. However, Hawaii and Alaska are similar in that both possess a unique set of strange and dumb laws.

In Anchorage, Alaska, there is a law specifically banning tying a dog to the roof of a car. Perhaps this brings to mind a certain politician doing so a few years back cough Mitt Romney cough. Speaking of driving, for anyone looking to cause some trouble by acting as a prankster, just know that in Anchorage, it is illegal to string wire across any road. Also, go ahead and live that trailer-trash lifestyle about which you’ve always dreamed, as long as the trailer you decide to call home is parked. It is illegal to live in a trailer while it is being hauled.

In Haines, bartenders must keep their minds sharp while serving clients, as doing so while drunk is prohibited. If you plan to use a slingshot or have one on your person, it’s no problem as long as you have the appropriate license.

If you own a flamingo in Juneau, just be aware of where your bright pink bird ventures off to. There, it is illegal for owners of the exotic bird to enter barbershops. If you are an architect and plan to construct buildings in Juneau, keep in mind that buildings that preserve scenic vistas are awarded “bonus points” by the government. And who doesn’t love having governmental brownie points?

If you’re thinking of wandering around Nome, Alaska with antiquated weaponry or simply plan to take up an archery hobby there, think again. It is illegal to walk around the city of Nome with bow and arrows. Sorry, Legolas.

Finally, in Soldotna, Alaska, people may not permit the existence of “attractive nuisances.” If you know what one is, please enlighten me.

Moving on to Hawaii–a beautiful, relaxing vacation destination for lovers on honeymoon, families, and travelers of every walk of life around the world. Before packing your bags and heading to the island state, you must be aware of a few laws that are out of the ordinary.

For example, there are plenty of safety regulations associated with riding in the back seat of a car versus riding in the bed of a pickup truck. For the former, you are required to wear a seat belt, but in the latter case, you needn’t use any safety equipment at all. Hawaii really redefines pacing yourself.

You may only have one alcoholic beverage in front of you at a time–none of that double fisting it! And some Hawaiian lawmakers must have gotten sick of obnoxious billboards distracting them while driving, as they made them illegal altogether. So don’t worry: thanks to that law, you can take in all of the lovely Hawaiian scenes unimpeded.

Marisa Mostek
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