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Most Useful Career Sites for Millennial Women

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Millennial women have made a name for themselves in this century. We are strong-willed, motivated, and persistent. We are self-sufficient and independent. We have access to tools and knowledge our predecessors did not. Yet some Millennials are not taking advantage of these tools because they are simply unaware of their existence.

Let’s take the internet for example. We have access to the World Wide Web and all it has to offer through countless devices — computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. Plenty of websites cater to Millennial women for professional networking tips. These sites are essential for motivated young women who are entering the workforce. At any moment, I can ask Siri what to wear to my interview tomorrow, visit countless websites for coding tips, or search for internship opportunities. Each of these options is literally at the tips of my fingers. Here are some great websites for Millennial women to check out:

Let’s Learn

Girls Who Code’s mission is to provide one million young women with exposure to computer science education. According to FORBES, Girls Who Code hosts events, clubs, and other activities for girls, sometimes even for those still in high school. provides online video tutorials to help learn “software, creative, and business skills.” Joining is free and provides members with unlimited access to nearly three thousand courses and mobile access.

General Assembly offers courses in a variety of areas from web development to digital marketing. Members are able to attend events with the GA community or simply live-stream from home. GA helps Millennials across the world improve their businesses through various workshops, classes, and events.

Professional Development and Networking

ED2010 helps aspiring editors reach their desired status faster. The site functions as a networking hub, educational resource, and advice column for all aspiring publications professionals.

Intern Sushi is designed for college students to find internships that would be most valuable to them. Intern Sushi is focused on more creative professions, thus encouraging its users to ditch the traditional resume application and replace it with more creative styles like video and graphic visualizations.

Her Agenda is a goldmine for young professional women seeking advancement on their career paths. The site provides information and encouragement through posting events, scholarships, conferences, and internship and job opportunities.

Generation Meh targets young professionals who dislike the idea of a conventional 9 to 5. The site publishes personal and professional tips, tricks, and life hacks. This site is manned by Forbes Woman contributor J. Maureen Henderson.

Advice Columns and Discussion Boards

20-Nothings has collected “anecdotes, advice, and musings on everything from dating to body image.” The site functions as a motivational entertainment source for young women in their 20s and 30s.

HerCampus is most useful for female college students. The site features sections such as style, beauty, campus, career, health, and more. HerCampus has representatives on more than 200 campuses across the country.

The Everygirl is perfect for Millennial women looking for advice on their next vacation destination, beauty tips, and career. This site also takes on a serious tone discussing culture, politics, and finance. It’s basically a powerhouse of knowledge for all young women.

Fashionista Fun

Rookie Mag supplies fashion tips on the go. This site was started by a 17-year-old fashion blogger in 2011. Celebrities make contributions to the publication focused on modern teenage life.

The Classy Cubicle provides all professional fashionistas with the latest trends. Not sure what to wear to an interview at a creative office? They’ve got your back. The Classy Cubicle covers different “categories” of office types and suggests appropriate attire for each one.

Despite the abundance of negative comments and startling information the internet supplies, there is a huge community of support, especially for young women. Aspiring young professionals have countless resources to further their educations, careers, and personal development on the internet. These websites not only share useful professional advice but also support and humor for women of all ages. I encourage all young professionals, working women, and Capitalistas to check out some of these sites, they could change your career path.

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Natasha Paulmeno (@NatashaPaulmeno) is an aspiring PR professional studying at the University of Maryland. She is learning to speak Spanish fluently through travel, music, and school. In her spare time she enjoys Bachata music, playing with her dog, and exploring social media trends.

Natasha Paulmeno
Natasha Paulmeno is an aspiring PR professional studying at the University of Maryland. She is learning to speak Spanish fluently through travel, music, and school. In her spare time she enjoys Bachata music, playing with her dog, and exploring social media trends. Contact Natasha at



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