RantCrush Top 5: May 16, 2016

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Welcome to the RantCrush Top 5, where we take you through the top five controversial and crazy stories in the world of law and policy each day. So who is ranting and who is raving today? Check it out below:

WTF is a “Renegade Jew?”

According to Breitbart, William Kristol is a ‘renegade jew’ for not backing Donald Trump and Twitter can’t decide if that’s an insult or a badass nickname. The term trended Sunday night into Monday after Breitbart published an article criticizing William Kristol for supporting a third party bid despite his conservative ties. The article at no point referenced Kristol’s faith. But Twitter is going wild nevertheless.

A Very Specific Scientific Breakthrough

Other advances in modern medicine will never match this: the first penis transplant in the US. So crazy, it just might work! And guess what? It did. Thomas Manning, 64, who received the Genitourinary Vascularized Composite Allograft (Penile) Transplant, is recovering well. Manning was given the transplant from a deceased donor and is thanking his doctors and Massachusetts General hospital for improving his quality of life.

SCOTUS Sends Back Birth Control Decision

The Supreme Court dodged a ruling on the controversial issue of contraceptive coverage for religiously affiliated nonprofits by pushing the case back to a lower court. Yet, there is a glimmer of compromise that would allow employees to receive Obamacare coverage for birth control without requiring the non-profits to play any role in providing it. In any case, while many of these religious groups are pleased with the decision, a lot of others feel it is a cop out on the part of SCOTUS.


Don’t Worry, It’s All Good

Popular Irish artist Sinead O’Connor was found after she went missing just outside of Chicago. The singer had last been seen going for a 6am bike ride and did not return. Concern for her well-being and safety spurred from a previous incident where she allegedly overdosed and claimed had she not written a Facebook status about it her family wouldn’t have known or cared. No one knows if today’s incident was a genuine cry for help or O’Connor just returned from a refreshing 36-hour bike ride. 

All in the Family

Hillary Clinton is a pro. A pandering pro! At a recent rally in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, Clinton told supporters she would put husband Bill Clinton in charge of economic revitalization “because you know he’s good at that stuff.” In between cheers, she added that this was especially important in coal country and inner cities. While I don’t disagree, I can’t help but feel like Hillary is planning an epic 90’s party and Bill is the DJ. See for yourself:

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