Donald Trump Nicknames Himself Mr. Brexit

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Donald Trump loves giving people nicknames. There’s “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin’ Ted” and “Little Marco.” His love of nicknames is so infamous that there are even Donald Trump nickname generators out there (I got “Powerless Anneliese.”) In fact, Donald Trump loves nicknames so much he recently gave himself one: “Mr. Brexit.”

No one is 100 percent sure what Trump means by that, but the leading theory is that he was referring to the fact that Brexit polls indicated the “Remain” option was winning prior to the vote. However, when the votes were actually cast, “Leave” won. Similarly, Trump is currently trailing in the polls to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton–his tweet might mean that he thinks he’s going to defy the polls just like the Brexit vote did.

But to nickname yourself anything at all, let alone “Mr. Brexit” is pretty silly. And Twitter users have been having a lot of fun poking at Trump about the name. Check out some of the best “Mr. Brexit” entries in the slideshow below:

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