Bristol Palin Says Artists Who Won’t Perform at the Inauguration Are “Sissies”

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Bristol Palin is not happy with all of the artists who are refusing to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration in a few weeks. In a blog post, Palin, whose mother ran alongside John McCain in 2008, called the Hollywood A-listers “sissies.” But she was sure to acknowledge that the ceremony is not about brandishing Hollywood talent, but is about “We the People instead.”

“Trump’s inauguration team sought out some of the world’s greatest musicians, but nearly all of them have refused for fear of backlash or to stand against him politically,” Palin said. “Isn’t it amazing how ‘not cool’ it is to be conservative in the public eye? Either Hollywood is that far off — or we have so many sissies we have in the spot light too scared to stand for what they believe in!”

Elton John, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry are among the performers who have refused to take part on Inauguration Day. As of today, Trump’s performance line-up looks like this: the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jackie Evancho, a former contestant on “America’s Got Talent,” and The Rockettes, a New York dance group with some members who might boycott the ceremony.

Last week, Trump tweeted his allegiance with “the people,” lambasting the celebrities that did “nothing” for his opponent Hillary Clinton:

In the days leading up to Election Day, Clinton courted a number of celebrities to perform at her rallies. But endorsements from people who have sold millions of records, and who have millions of dollars in the bank were not enough to eek out a victory for Clinton. Trump, Palin wrote in the blog post, would “rather cozy up with We the People instead” of Hollywood’s finest.

Aretha Franklin and a host of classical musicians performed at President Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2008; James Taylor and Beyonce performed at Obama’s 2012 swearing in ceremony. But who needs musical legends when you’ve got a 16-year-old reality show contestant? Palin thinks that Evancho’s decision to perform The Star Spangled Banner is “her best decision yet.”

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