‘Raped at Spelman’ Twitter Account Details Alleged Morehouse Gang Rape

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A series of viral tweets alleging that four Morehouse College students gang raped a Spelman College student set off campus outrage and protests at both HBCUs, resulting in Spelman launching an official investigation into the allegations.

A Twitter account using the handle @RapedAtSpelman began publicly sharing the story of how she was gang raped at a party, and then was asked to keep quiet by the college’s dean and Public Safety Department in a series of tweets Monday evening.

The person behind the anonymous ‘Raped At Spelman’ account identified herself as a freshman at Spelman, a historically black private female college. She said that the night she was raped she had gone to a college party and gotten drunk with a group of friends and upperclassmen. Later that night she says four Morehouse students attacked her.

After the alleged rape, Raped At Spelman states that she discovered her friends had left, so she walked back to campus alone and went to Public Safety to file a report before being sent to the hospital for a rape kit. 

She says it took a month before she was scheduled to have a meeting with the college’s dean and Public Safety; to her surprise they asked her to give her “brothers” a pass.


By Tuesday, the hashtags #RapedAtSpelman and #RapedByMorehouse were trending on Twitter. Students quickly organized public demonstrations in which they spoke on the state of rape culture at both colleges.

Raped At Spelman continues to tweet from the handle, but her identity remains a mystery. The claims add Spelman and Morehouse to a long list of other schools that have been accused of covering up or mishandling sexual assaults on campuses. As of now, it is unclear whether or not Spelman’s investigation will in fact be able to validate her claims, or provide any type of resolution.

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