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Bryan Fischer Wants the LGBTQ Community to Give the Rainbow Back to God

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Bryan Fischer, host of the talk radio program “Focal Point,” made a statement on Twitter over the weekend claiming that gay people have stolen the rainbow from God. Citing the Bible passage Genesis 9:11-17, Fischer called the rainbow flag the “worst example of cultural appropriation ever.” Considering Fischer posted the tweet the day after April 1, it could have been seen as an April Fools’ Day joke. But that does not seem to be the case.

A lot of people responded with their own interpretations of who actually stole the rainbow.

Many of us know that Super Mario Kart had a track made of rainbows.

Could it have been the Care Bears?

While we’re at it, it’s more than rainbows that are being stolen.

Maybe Fischer should think more before speaking his mind.

Fischer’s statement follows the death of the man who actually created the LGBTQ community’s rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker. He passed away quietly in his sleep last Thursday, at the age of 65. Baker created a bunch of different flags and advocated for gay rights while he was stationed in San Francisco. Even though he was there to serve in the army in the 1970s, he also was an anti-war advocate. He created the rainbow flag for the first openly gay man who was elected for office in California, Harvey Milk, in 1978.

Bryan Fischer’s views are so extreme that the church where he was serving as a pastor kicked him out. He has blamed gay men for the Holocaust, called for the criminalization of homosexuality, a permanent ban on Muslim immigration, and has made many more extreme comments. He has said Hillary Clinton was possessed by a demon and said Sarah Palin’s joke about waterboarding was “clever and funny,” since “waterboarding is not torture.”

Emma Von Zeipel
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