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Kelly Rosenberg
Kelly Rosenberg, a Senior Associate at Vicente Sederberg, was central to the Colorado Department of Revenue’s efforts to regulate marijuana from when the Department embarked on the groundbreaking work in 2010 through March of 2016. As an attorney with the Colorado Department of Law, Kelly was assigned as the general and litigation counsel to the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division. There, she played a key role in the MMED’s early work to craft its regulatory structure. In 2013, she became an even more integral part of the regulatory development process after recreational marijuana was legalized and the MMED became the Marijuana Enforcement Division. Ms. Rosenberg worked on and legally reviewed all rules adopted by the agency. In addition, she provided day-to-day legal counsel to the MED on a variety of matters including open records, requests for positions statements, subpoenas, policies, procedures, contracts, employment issues, and trademark concerns, and presided as general counsel over all of the MED’s emergency and permanent rule making processes. At Vicente Sederberg, Ms. Rosenberg serves as Chair of the Administrative and Regulatory Law Department and assists clients with regulatory and compliance issues as well as administrative matters. She is also a key member of the firm’s new Government Relations Department, which assists governmental entities in the process of drafting medical and retail marijuana laws, ordinances, and regulations.

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