FBI Uniform Crime Report, 2011

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1 – Because of changes in the state/local agency’s reporting practices, figures are not comparable to previous years’ data.
2 – The population for the city of Mobile, Alabama, includes 55,819 inhabitants from the jurisdiction of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department.
3- The data collection methodology for the offense of forcible rape used by Chicago, Illinois, and the Minnesota state UCR Program (with the exception of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota) does not comply with national UCR Program guidelines. Consequently, its figures for forcible rape and violent crime (of which forcible rape is a part) are not published in this table. If the measure of violent crime were based on murder, robbery, and aggravated assault (excluding forcible rape), Chicago, Ill. would rank 28 on this chart, and Rochester, Minn. would rank 249 for calendar 2011. Click here for more information on this.

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report 2011

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