The Most Ridiculous LSAT Stories of the Year

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The June 2015 LSAT is over, and approximately 20,000 people are eagerly–or anxiously, depending on how they did–waiting on their results. In the meantime, users of law school forums like Top Law School (TLS) and PowerScore have created post-test impressions and waiter’s threads to pass the time. In particular, user basedvulpes on TLS launched a “War Stories” thread focusing on funny or unusual events that occurred while taking the LSAT. Check out some of the best ones below.

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” 

Also, there was a dude who showed up to my test in a full suit and bowtie, talking on a cell phone in the hallway. Five minutes before we checked in someone told him that there were no cell phones allowed, so he ran out to his car and ditched it. Then when he went up to check in he didn’t actually have his ticket, just the receipt from his registration. He begged the admins to let him run to a computer lab and print it, but they said it wouldn’t work because of time and because it wouldn’t have a picture. He insisted that he had a picture in his wallet that he could use, and awkwardly stood off to the side emptying the entire contents of his wallet and pockets while the rest of the people checked in. Turns out he didn’t even have a picture. Admins told him to register for October. – Contributed by basedvulpes

“Do It, You Won’t”

In the box that says “Do not write your essay in this box”, I wrote “your essay”. – Contributed by Whnlifegvsulmns

“Bubble Trouble”

another anecdote: proctor yelled at me for bubbling in my name before she finished reading instructions and said she could cancel my score if she were “not being nice.” she swatted the pencil out of the hand of this other student who was doing the same thing. another student got scared and raised his hand to ask about which sections he could bubble in. – Contributed by lsatkillah

“On a First-Name Basis”

On my drivers license, the last letter of my first name is missing because my name has too many letters for them to all fit and on my admission ticket all the letters were there. The proctor checking me in got all worried and had to ask another proctor if this was okay and if I was allowed to take the test. Thankfully it was okay, but I think it was ridiculous that it was almost an issue. – Contributed by JackelJ

“The Hunger Games”

Some jamoake came in just in the nick of time, sat down next to me and proceeded to start munching away at a full burrito whilst we were doing LR. Needless to say the proctors told him to put it away.

Anyway, same thing happened during RC – proctors ask him to put it away.

… During LR2, he gets the burrito (3/4 eaten) out AGAIN, needless to say the proctors went into full-scale meltdown, think their heads were doing cartwheels down Piccadilly Circus by the end. – Contributed by Topszn

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