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These Pounds Aren’t Loyal

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In trying to impress at my job, I’ve noticed a shift in priorities. Gone are the days where I have time to do back-to-back classes at my gym and then go for a run. Instead, I spend much of my free time thinking about work or working. #worklifebalance

I still try to eat healthily, but the reality is that when I’m stressed out I become a garbage disposal. It’s not pretty and I’m not proud of it. For years, I’ve relied on my metabolism to get me through these binges. At the ripe age of 27 (almost 28…sheesh), my body is rebelling. My body is a traitor.


The treasonous activity started about two weeks ago, when I walked into my apartment from work. There are lots of mirrors in my place (I’m vain), and as I passed one in the entryway to my bedroom I peripherally noticed that my stomach entered the room before I did.

Okay, so maybe I’ve been “too busy” to go to the gym.  Maybe I’ve discovered a delicious pizza place that delivers to my apartment.  Maybe I thought calories, much like the moon landing, were fictitious.*

Whatever the case, I am getting perilously close to chunky town, and I have worked too hard to go back! Correct: I’ve forgotten where I came from!

I’ve started a new regimen though, so salvation isn’t too far (hopefully).  Once I came to terms with my fledgling obesity, I decided to make Michelle Obama proud and get fit!

I’m back to working out before work, which means waking up before the sun rises. Ugh. I’ve also started a meal delivery plan, which I plan to use for the next three to four months. Double ugh (Yes I recognize that these steps are extreme, but I’m the #ManInMiami, there is pressure here!).

I guess the moral of this story is the pursuit of greatness at work has tipped the work-life balance scales, which resulted in a ten-pound weight gain and the unfortunate protrusion of my stomach.

Please note that I’m going to be a very unhappy camper for the next few months. Why, you ask?


*the moon landing is totally real!

Peter Davidson is a recent graduate of law school who rants about news & politics and raves over the ups & downs of FUNemployment in the current legal economy. Tweet him @PeterDavidsonII

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Peter Davidson II
Peter Davidson is a recent law school graduate who rants about news & politics and raves over the ups & downs of FUNemployment in the current legal economy. Contact Peter at



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